About Jen

Physical Therapist. Traveler. One RV. Two cold-nosed companions. Exploring new professional practice, people, places. 

As a thirty-something physical therapist, this adventure is a transition to using my professional work to support my wanderlust and travel habit. I’m traveling as a P.T. to blend my career with cultiviating my wandering spirit. I’m seeking to spark creativity with my wanderlust.  Along this journey, I’ll chronicle the experience of yanking myself outside my box/rut/comfort zone, driving myself (literally) out into that great big U.S.of A., surviving in less than 30 feet of living space with 110+ pounds fur and paws, and taking (experiencing) life seriously.

Apart from physical therapy and travel, I partake in hiking, camping, happy hour, corny jokes, sarcasm, speaking my mind, tennis, live music, snapping photos, writing, and quality time with my cold-nosed travel companions, Fenway and Sienna.

Whether you’re family, friend, colleague, fellow wayfarer, blogger, or reader … Welcome to the ride, hope you stay a while…

~ j

2 Responses to “About Jen”

  1. Maya Pruett April 2, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    Hey just read your blog, nice job. Photos are great too! Design looks different, did you change it? It’s beautiful, love the polka dots. Great feeling, just like your house. Keep it up. Talk to you soon.

    • workingonwanderlust April 2, 2012 at 10:56 pm #

      Thanks, Maya! I did change the format– it has more widgets to use. I’m a blogging novice, but I’m learning a little 🙂 Looking forward to exploring my picture-taking beyond my iphone and point-and-shoot! Give my furry feline a chin scratch for me! ~ j

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