Wow, you’re really going to do that?

17 Jan

What? Driving  a motor home, towing my car, wrangling two oversized puppies, finding out each 13 week assignment a couple weeks before it starts … just me and the open road headed across the southwest solo all for the very first time?  Sure, why not?

I typically see raised eyebrows and a look of disbelief when I talk to people who don’t know me well about this master plan I’ve concocted.  People seem to think the idea just sprung into my head overnight and then—bam! – I took off!  Well, okay, I have kind of operated like that before.  But, I swear, I always put a lot of thought into it.  Can’t blame a girl for having a vision and making it happen, right?  Despite my propensity to get an idea in my head and execute it fairly quickly – most notably when redecorating, re-landscaping, traveling, relocating, and job-changing — I’m not really an impulsive person.  I am a planner.  Type A to the max.  I actually could argue that this life route is far outside my comfort zone—less control, less ability to plan down to the “t”, more flexibility required.   But I’m also focused, (a wee bit) impatient, and averse to feeling stagnant.  Those traits, along with my wanderlust make the discomfort of being outside my box worth it.  (I hope.)

When I was younger, family vacations were important—many of which involved hitting the road.  At 11, I had my first big adventure.  A cross country trip with my mom, a mini-van, and more scenic American landmarks than you can shake a stick at (although I’m sure Mom would have liked to beat my ass with said stick on several occasions throughout the trip).  Some may think that Dad got it right by flying out to meet us on the west coast for the hotels and amenities part of the trip, but that bicoastal trek opened my eyes to the beauties America has to offer (plus a few places you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming back to… but at least I now have stories to tell).  My list of domestic destinations continued to grow (to date, 8 states left to go), along with international jaunts to Toronto, Mexico (just Tijuana, but that’ll do), England x 2, France, Spain x 3, Costa Rica, Portugal,  and (the most recent) Argentina.

With the exception of the four states in which I’ve lived (18+ years in South Jersey, the college years in Boston, 8 weeks in NOLA,  6 years and counting in central Texas), I’ve seen most of my US destinations through tween eyes.   I’m looking forward to discovery through my 30-something eyes by living it, instead of vacationing it.  Southwest USA, here I come!


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