You know you’ve had an Argentine adventure when…

15 Nov
  1.  You think Delta is a phenomenal airline… Compared to Aerolineas Argentinas.
  2.  Having internet and phone service right at your fingertips creates a sense of euphoria.
  3.  You barely avoided pressure ulcers on your bum from sitting for 17 hours on a bus.
  4.  You become a cow snob, because you know what real steak tastes like now.
  5.  You now have an appreciation for how fantastic pumpkin can be outside of a pie.
  6.  Instead of visions of sugar plums, you have spry glacier men leaping and dancing in your head.
  7.  You find it strange to be bathed by a shower head instead of a massive waterfall.
  8.  It feels unnatural to walk without a gale force wind pushing you around.
  9.  You greet Wyatt, the grumpy US customs official, in Spanish accidentally and he’s not amused.
  10.  It feels a little sad to not have at least one beautiful sight take your breath away each day.

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