Six hours and one paying off of the police later… Our arrival to Puerto Iguazu.

11 Nov

Yep, nothing says a good time on a Wednesday like passing a police officer across a double yellow line. Oops.  Jose gave us a lesson in the corruption of the police here– in order to avoid the five hour process to go to the station, file paperwork, and issue a ticket he just paid him off with 200 pesos (approx $50 USD). Apparently that is not illegal.  Despite this, we had a good drive with a few stops and enjoyable conversation along the way.  After a little lounging about the hotel (and desperately trying to connect to wifi that doesn’t work at this hotel), we set off to explore Puerto Iguazu. Apparently wifi is not reliable in this town, but luckily I stalked a girl with a laptop and could connect briefly on a street corner to post my last Patagonia notes. But I digress to my wifi obsession…  I don’t know what Argentina has against street signs, but one could make a killing in that wide open market here.  Further, a map is no good without said corresponding signs.  Go figure.  Eventually, we found Tres Fronteras where you could see Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil as they meet on the riverbanks. A long walk for a quick photo opp, in my opinion. On further exploration of the town center, we discover the following: 1.) Puerto Iguazu is hot, hazy and humid (damn subtropical jungle), 2.) the red clay makes everything have a seedy– err, “organic”– quality, 3.) the streets lined with shops have a junky touristy feel,  4.) the restaurants have nothing to brag about.  And thus, our exploration ended.  Back to the hotel for the pool, a drink, and a relatively mosquito-free night’s sleep.  The next day (Thursday) we will go to the national park/ waterfalls!


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