Caballos, y vacas, y ovejas! Oh my!

10 Nov

How nice to sleep with the fresh evening air blowing through the screen windows of our habitacion!  The morning of Tuesday, we took a walk on horseback.  Mom was a champ (bragging about her time on mi abuela’s horse!) and hauled herself up onto her brown-black horse, Colorada, with only a little help from Jose. Show off! 🙂 I, however, was not too proud to have to use a chair for a boost. I think Jose and my horse, Merengue, could smell my fear.  Merengue was speckled like a grey stone and quite tolerant of my inexperience.  Again, Jose was our reliable nature guide while strolling on our caballos through the pampas. I agree with him that it is a better viewpoint than on foot. He pointed out even more types of birds (aves), and we got up close with vacas (cows) and ovejas (sheep).  I am also now an expert at tracking capybara (dog-sized cute rodents) by their caa caa piles.  Most of the daytime we had for relaxation– reading beneath the trees then napping during the heat of the day. Around 5:30, we went for a walk by foot.  The estancia has a small forest where native monkeys live but in the spring it is difficult to see them. The mosquitos were the most prolific in the forest, by swarmed less in the open pampas.  We learned more about the climate, plants, trees, and cayman.  And, yes, even more variety birds!  At the watering hole, we throw fruit to the fish, but they are not hungry. We track capybara by their poop again and cayman by the trail left by their tails dragging toward the water.  It is amazing how exhausting it can be to not only communicate in Spanish but translate to mom at the same time!  I was glad our nature lesson ended not because I was weary from the walk, but because my brain was tired and thus my Spanish skills were falling apart.  Jose is very patient, but I think he has more confidence in my language skills than is reality!  Tomorrow (Wednesday), Jose the son, will drive us to Puerto Iguazu, the last big stop on our trip! I’m not sure why we are driving 6+ hours in his truck and not flying or taking a bus, but it will be an interesting journey I’m sure!


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