The gods of Travelers Who Grow Weary of the Idiotas of Argentine Transportation have smiled upon us!

9 Nov

(I am writing these posts from the Estancia, as I lay listening to nocturnal frogs and insects, looking up at the thatched ceiling of our accommodations. But all this tranquility comes with the sacrifice of wifi… Thus the delay in posts! Oh, and the wifi here in Puerto Iguazu is not reliable!)  Our flight to Buenos Aires Sunday departed without much confusion and arrived on time.  However, the gods of the Ghetto Surrounding our Hotel were not smiling on us (… Hmmm… Or maybe they were…) We were informed that we would stay at a different Tribeca Hotel in the city because, on Friday evening, those run-down buildings across from our hotel collapsed. Approximately 200 people, including our first hotel, were evacuated. The road is impassible and blocked off by authorities. This is actually the good version of the story because, at first, we were told the actual hotel had gone “crash”. Ahhh the things that become askew in translation!  Unfortunately, the second hotel did not live up to the first. (I would have expected this place in the ‘hood, more so than the first.)  The silver lining was hot water plus a strong shower head! Finding this combination is like catching a glimpse of a unicorn!  Early the next morning (Monday) we were taken to the airport and again departed on time and with zero confusion or crazy/rude people.  !?Que?! It was a pleasant relief!  We arrived two hours later to Posadas, north of Buenos Aires.


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