The eagle has landed! — !Ha llegado el águila!

30 Oct

Don’t cry for me, Argentiiiinnaaaa! The truth is, I got here as damn spankin’ fast as I could! After MUCH time for contemplation, I have come to the following conclusion.  Delta creates 6+ hour layovers to:  a.) make you appreciate reaching your destination even more, b.) create a deeper love of real cutlery while stubbing your meat with a plastic knife at TGIFridays, c.) make me the travel scrabble champion of the world (or darn close to it!).   So after boarding on time yet leaving an hour late, snorting with laughter on a crowded plane while I watched “the hangover” for the first time (I live under a rock, yes), and trying to sleep with sporadic success… We finally landed (on time somehow!).  It did take an additional glorious 2 hours to deplane and do customs. Luckily, our greeter and driver waited a wee bit more than the apparently “customary” two hours instead of leaving us hanging at the aeropuerto. In addition to not stranding us, she also gave us a bottle of vino right then and there!  Ahh, the land of Malbec. Now, we have made it to our hotel (an uber spacious efficiency moreso than a room– a nice surprise!), checked in early, and now can give appropriate attention to my rank airplane breath.


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